Gerstner Legacy Tool Chests SOLD OUT!


Well, it looks like we waited too long!  At least I did.  Gerstner made just over 250 of the Legacy tool chest, and after inspecting them they selected the best 250 and destroyed all the others.   If you didn't buy one new your only hope is that a used one comes up for sale on eBay.  (See link below)

She features fifteen drawers of various useful sizes surround the lockable center door that secures a compartment designed to hold business cards, valuable papers or special treasures. 1856 cu. in of storage. Drawer sides are built of the same cherry, oak or walnut hardwood as the chest exterior, and the side handles are decorative brass. The stunning black felt interior sets off any collectible or jeweled piece, and a matching 2" display stand is included with each chest. 22" W x 19" H x 11.5" D.

Each Legacy Chest features the traditional Gerstner top lid mirror with reverse laser etching of original script logo company name. A black plaque listing the year 2006 and the chest's exclusive limited edition serial number surround the brass framed mirror. 

Some of the benifits of ownership of a Legacy chest are:
  • Includes a Legacy Certificate authenticating ownership and year of acquisition
         Features embossed Company Seal and official archived company signatures
         Transferable to heirs or third party
  • Listing on Legacy Chest Owners Registry in the lobby of H. Gerstner & Sons, Inc.
         Record of names kept for posterity
         Qualifies owner’s family and direct heirs to future VIP tours of factory
  • Truly a One-of-a-Kind collectible
         Unlike artist’s limited edition reprints – each Gerstner Legacy Chest is an original
         As of December 31, 2006 the construction of the LE-616 Legacy Chest was discontinued.
Please be aware that this will likely be a LONG wait. 


  1. I just found one of these today in 98% condition. What are they worth?

  2. Currently your toolbox is worth more than the original retail selling price! You should go onto the Gerstner site and register your box and get involved with the collectors and their forum.


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