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As much as I love genuine American Made H. Gerstner & Sons Tool Chests, I have to be realistic and admit that not everyone is in the position to afford or justify the cost. Enter Gerstner International. We'll write more about this shortly, but for now I'll tell ya that when Gerster saw the impending avalanche of cheep knock-off tool chests they decided to fight fire with fire. The sought-out companies in the far east who could produce a quality product, but just as important, produce them consistently.

Allow a Dayton boy to take a side trip.

Ask anyone in Dayton where the best pizza that they every ate came from, and they will tell you without hesitation: Cassano's. Now, ask them where the worst pizza that they ever ate came from, and most of them will say: Cassano's. Now, I understand that in recent years that they've made efforts to remedy this, but my point is what we want is value for our dollar, and we want consistency.

Back to Gerstner International. It's easy to get someone in China or a wood shop in any one of a dozen other third-world countries to make you a cheap tool chest; but can they make a good one? Can they do it again? And again? And again? This is the challenge that H. Gerstner and Sons took on, and they've accomplished it in the "Gerstner International" line.

In addition to designing some great new chests for this new venture, they also have introduced some jewelry boxes and some handsome chests for non-woodworking/machinist activities like shooting and motoring.

Just a quick tip:
All Gerstner International tool chests have silver name plates. If it's silver, make sure that you aren't paying USA-Made Gerstner prices.

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